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Printess Knowledge Base

Printess is your powerful yet easy-to-use platform for creating stunning personalizable products. This knowledge base will provide you and your team with all of the details needed to make full use of the platform.
Please view our short First Steps Video to orientate yourself. If you like you can continue with our in-depth Buyer Side video series afterwards. Or just start creating - have fun!

For the full picture we recommend spending some time on the Quick Start guide, then take a look at whichever one of our pre-made examples comes closest to your intent. Take this example and modify it to your needs. Or for the brave, start with a blank document below and learn everything from scratch. Printess is so intuitive that this is possible! But to take full advantage of our plethora of features, the Quick Start guide is very useful to hit the ground running.

Printess offers context help wherever possible. Look for the question mark which is present on pretty much every tab of the platform.

Context Help

Besides the context help which will explain every setting on each tab, we have created chapters explaining the basic concepts of Printess:

1. Overview and Quickstart
2. Buyer Side Overview
3. Create and use Sticker Snippets
4. Create and use Layout Snippets
5. Styles & Form Fields
6. Flex Documents
7. Sub Documents
8. Scripting
9. APIs and embedding of the Editor
10. Workflows

To list and download print jobs, change the style of your editor, manage your subscription, or invite team members see our account portal manual page. How to use the Account Portal

If you have not done so already, please enjoy our in-depth Buyer Side Video Tutorials here..

Video Tutorials

A Friendly Remark by the Printess:
We’ve tried to build the Editor and this documentation in a way that you should feel at home and everything works frictionlessly. So if you feel that something could be done better or that the documentation is missing something or is not easy to understand we would really appreciate it if you can help by telling us. Oh, and if you find a nasty bug before we can, please tell us and we will immediately hunt it down.