All Printess APIs

Printess is an integration product that one can use with any eCommerce System, landing page, or native mobile app. As such, we have developed a set of comprehensive APIs that empower you to realize all of your business ideas.


Printess allows for many different authorizations from only allowing the Editor to be called for Template customization, to full access. Learn about tokens and how to access them here:
Authorization Tokens

Embedding the Editor (iframe-UI)

The simplest way to embed Printess is with the help of an iFrame. This API can easily be used in any authoring, DAM, or eCommerce solution. It is bootstrap based so you can pass your CSS file to customize the UI or pass a bootstrap theme.
Read more: iframe-ui

Custom Integration (Custom-UI)

To customize even further, you can switch at any point to our custom UI. It’s basically the same as the iframe UI but you have full control over the Buyer Side code and DOM, allowing you to work directly against the printess-js-api.

Read more: custom-ui

Note: When switching between iframe and custom UI, you won’t lose any CSS work you have done for the iframe UI!

Backend API

The Backend API is meant for your workflow backend. With it you can create production-ready files, retrieve Template catalogs, and handle everything workflow-related.
Backend Api