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Creating a Thumbnail Image

After the buyer has put the design to the shopping basket you might want to retrieve a small image of the current layout. Do get a URL of such a “Thumbnail” you can call:

const fileName = 'thumb_' + new Date().getTime() + '.png';
const documentName = '';
const width = 400; // max is 400
const height = 400; // max is 400

  .renderFirstPageImage(fileName, documentName, width, height)
  .then((thumbnailUrl) => {;

fileName: has to be set, so you can put the basket ID here to override an existing image.

documentName: can be set if you for example want a thumbnail of a specific preview document. Otherwise the primary document will be taken. If you want to get a thumbnail of any existing preview document just pass “!PREVIEW!”. If no “preview”-document is found it falls back to the “primary” document and then to the first document of the template. You can see this in action on the “T-Shirt” example.

width: the maximum width of the thumbnail based on aspect ratio of the document the resulting thumbnail-width can smaller.

height: the maximum height of the thumbnail based on aspect ratio of the document the resulting thumbnail-height can smaller.

TIP: Press the Create Thumbnail Button to show a thumbnail of the current Template.

:warning: The thumbnail generation might take a couple of seconds. If you request the thumbnail when the buyer clicks continue - you need to show an overlay screen and wait for the call to finish before you unload the Printess editor!