Buyer Side


With Printess you can create feature-rich and eye-catching Templates. While designing the Templates you also create all the configuration options for the Buyer of your products. Therefore, Printess generally has two modes of operation:

Designer Side
This Editor is used to create Templates, Sub Documents, Snippets, & Layout Snippets. The Designer Side is not available for mobile devices and should only be used on desktop browsers.

Note: The Editor will switch to a mobile(ish) Buyer Side view when the window size is reduced. This makes it easy to quickly check the mobile UI while developing a Template. For a real mobile UI test use simulators or devices.

Buyer Side Mode
This is the reduced configuration UI that the Buyer of a product will see. This chapter will explain how to configure the UI while creating Templates.

Example: Buyer Side configuration of a mobile phone case cover

Desktop Configuration

One of the superpowers of Printess is that the Buyer Side UI is also available on mobile devices! Although it will show up as a different interface, it is completely integrated with the desktop view.

Below is the same example displayed on a mobile phone:

Mobile Configuartion

Although you can test the mobile UI in a browser by reducing the size of the browser window, we recommend using a mobile device for testing or at least a good simulation like the Chrome Developer Tools Mobile Device Simulator.

Switching between Designer & Buyer Side

To make it as easy as possible to customize the Buyer Side user interface, you can always switch between the Designer and Buyer side by clicking on the Shopping Basket icon in the top menu bar:

Switch to Buyer Side

When leaving the Buyer Side, Printess will revert all changes made. This ensures that one does not destroy or change the Template while testing.
For this same reason, the Undo tool for Buyer Side is limited to changes made in the Buyer Side so you cannot accidentally revert Designer Side changes.

Buyer Side Settings for Frames

If a frame is selected, the Buyer Side tab will show the Buyer Side frame configuration options. By default, a frame and its content are neither selectable nor changeable on Buyer Side.

Buyer Side Settings

Learn more about Buyer Side settings for frames in our in-depth frame features chapter.