A special kind of text frame is the Barcode Frame. If a frame with the Barcode feature is selected and you switch to the Text tab, the frame will show the Barcode properties.


Barcodes are always displayed fully fitted and in proportion to their assigned frames. Text will define the Barcode content. You can use the same ${…} options as in single line text frames. See Single Line text features for more information.

Code Type - Selects the Barcode type:

Barcode Options: Here you can set many additional properties, which are available depending on the type of Barcode. (AutoSize, HumanReadableText, DisplayCode, Symbology, etc.)

For example to change the barcode to Code49, you would simply enter:

    "Symbology": "Code49"

Click here for various Barcode Option property examples.

Barcode Color: Defines the color of the drawn portion of the Barcode. The background will remain transparent until you adds a shape feature to define the background color.