Symbol Frames are a convenient method to use symbol fonts or any font with hard to find keyboard representation. If a frame with a symbol feature is selected and one switches to the Text tab it will show the Symbol Text properties.

Select Symbol


One can select directly from the available symbols of a symbol font. Just choose from the list and click on it to change the symbol. One can also select the symbol font or directly upload a new one.

Aspect Ratio and Position


By default, symbols are always fitted proportionally into their frame until you switch off Keep Aspect Ratio. One can set the position for when the frame has a different aspect ratio than the symbol.



Here one can set the frame Padding like in all other text frames.

Symbol Color


One can change the symbol color here. Choose from any available color or define a new color.



If Stroke Width is set to a value other than 0 the stroke settings will appear. Font Stroke Color allows the user to control just the color of the stroke around the letter. Functionality is the same as in Text Color.

Stroke Alignment buttons control where the stroke should appear.

Strokes can also be of different types. One has the choice of circular patterns as well as different dash types. For each of them, one can also define the Gap Size.