Snippet Export Tab

This tab contains settings with regards to Snippets. Snippets are the way how Printess allows buyers to change document layouts or insert Texts, images in the form of Stickers. Read more about Layout Snippets and Sticker Snippets.

Important: This is the tab you see if the current document is a Sticker Snippet or a Layout Snippet

Snippet Export Tab

Publish All, Publish This These Buttons allow you to directly publish all Snippets documents in this template or just the currently open one.

Tags Here you can set one or more Tag associated with the Snippet which can later get used to define which snippet is available in a document. You can either define a new Tag by entering it or select an existing Tag from the list.

Search Keywords here you can select one or more keywords for your Snippet or enter new ones. The Keyword list are managed in the Account Portal in the Keyword Menu.

Snippet Language here you can set a language for the Snippet. If set the snippet can later get filtered by the set editor language to allow for different snippets for different languages. If no language is set the Snippet is allegeable for all languages.

Exclude for Languages here you can exclude certain languages, so the Snippet will not be available for chosen languages.

Snippet Title here you can set a title for the Snippet.

Price Category if you’d like to sell designs in your shop you can set a price category for this snippet. If the Snippet is than used on buyer side the shop will be notified and can update the product price and pice display. Please learn more about Price display here.

Export as Image Filter Image Filter Snippets are a special kind of Snippet allowing for self designed decorated and powerful image effects. PLease read more about image filter Snippets here.

Filter by Aspect Range choose wether or not a Layout Snippet should be available for certain Aspect Ratios.

Recommended here you can set a Layout Snippet as recommended.

Snippet Insertion choose wether or not a Layout Snippet should repeat of multiple Pages. Learn more about repeating Layouts.

Snippet Thumbnail By default Printess uses the the current design as thumbnail on buyer side. If you’d like to set your own thumbnail for this snippet you can upload it here.

Variant Creation Learn more about Variant Creation.