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Known Bugs & Limitations

There are sadly some browser issues creating limitations on what you can do in Printess at the moment. Even though we did our best to overcome them, they finally ended up in this region which means we have to wait until either the browsers get it fixed or we have a brilliant idea how to get around it.

Rotated Frames with Applied Blendmode

If you apply any Blendmode (other than normal) to a frame that is rotated, it will show the frame incorrectly as if Blendmode was normally applied. Sadly, this also applies to effects which need a Blendmode (like drop shadow) that is normally multiplied. As a quirky workaround, you can use Perspective Warp instead of rotating the frame.

Transformed & Masked Images

Transformed Masked Image/Text needs special attention and a larger cropped images area. Please check that the image has the same size as the text box (same aspect ratio) to ensure that different texts don’t get projected outside the area of the masked image.

Firefox Cliboard not Working

Firefox does not currently support pasting from the clipboard. You can enable this permission by:

  1. Enter about:config in navigation bar
  2. Click “Accept the Risk and Continue”
  3. Search and set true

Firefox Settings

VCard QR-Codes

Currently the barcode text filed does not support carriage returns. As Carriage returns are mandatory in VCard content you cannot enter valid ones. As a workarround use a form field set to text-area to enter the VCard content and adress this in the barcode text.