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Images Overview

In the Images tab, one can upload and insert images into documents.

Add Images

To add an image, press the Add Image button Add Image. The upload dialogue will then open, allowing the user to select one or more images to upload.

Add Image

Uploaded images can be simply dragged onto the edited page. You may also select a frame with an Image Feature and exchange the image by selecting another image in the Images tab.

Images can be sorted by drag-dropping them. There is also a sort alphabetically option in the Image tab Context menu.
The Context menu will open up either on right-click or by clicking on the small bar appearing to the left of an image.

Add Image

Image Groups

Images can be organised into groups. To add an image group press the Add Image Group button Add Image Group and enter a name.

Move images into the newly created image group by drag-dropping them.

Add Image Group

Empty groups are currently removed on save and reload.

Buyer Side Images

The Buyer Upload is present even if no custom groups have been created. This group holds the images which are available to a Buyer.

If one would like to provide a selection of images to choose from, just upload them and move them into the Buyer Upload group or a custom group.

Buyer Upload

Copy Paste

One can also copy and paste images into Printess. For example, if you have taken a screenshot it can be uploaded and inserted on the page by simply pressing ctrl-v on the keyboard.

Delete Images

When deleting images which are in use, Printess will give a warning showing the next frame where the image is in use.

Delete Upload

Note: Warnings will only work for images which are in use within a frame or Style. Images used in scripts, data tables, or Buyer Side folders are not detected and will be deleted.

Delete Unused Images

You can delete multiple images at once by shift-selecting them and then selecting Delete from the Context menu. Printess will only delete any unused images and provide a warning if any of the images are in use and cannot be deleted.

Delete Upload