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Move pages

On the Pages tab, one can change the page order and the general layout of the document. The Pages tab also shows mini versions of all the pages in your document.

Add Pages

To add a page select the page after which you’d like to add a new page, click the add Page icon on top of the page overview and a new page will be inserted after the selected page.

Facing pages

To switch between single-page and facing-page layouts, one can click the page type icon change page type to toggle the page type to facing-pages - the icon will change to facing-page type change page type. Note that the first and the last page in a facing-page layout will always be single pages. So one needs a minimum of three pages to create facing-pages in a document. Also note that facing-pages will simply extend themselves to the right, so if one switches back to a single-page layout, items positioned on the right page will still be there but will be outside of the page area.

Drag Drop Pages

Move pages

To re-sort pages, one might move the position of pages by drag-dropping them. Simply select the page(s) you’d like to move by clicking on the page itself (press Shift to select more than one page). Then drag them to the desired position for insertion as shown above.

Pages Context Menu

Pages Context Menu

To open the Pages Context menu, either right-click on a page or select a page and click on the small triangle appearing beside the selected page. There one can duplicate, delete, copy or paste a page. One can also add a new empty page or give the page a name (which is needed for Sub Document page selection.)

Page Thumbnails

Page thumbnails will be updated whenever the document is saved.