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Snippets are a great way to create easy to configure documents for Buyers. There are two different types of Snippets:
Group Snippets - Small design blocks that are easily placed and configured by a Buyer.
Layout Snippets - Page design blocks that can be used when the Buyer wants to have a selection between various page layouts.

Note: Please also read the overview topic on how to use, create and publish Snippets in the main Snippet chapter.

In the Snippets tab, one can find Group and Layout Snippets and use them in the current layout. One may also set up the available Group and Layout Snippets for the Buyer Side.

This tab contains a lot of bells and whistles so let us orientate ourselves first:

Layers Tab

Using Tags

To display Group Snippets or Layout Snippets with specific tags, first select Group or Layout Snippets on the top menu bar. Next, either open the drop-down or start typing a tag name into the search drop-down text box. Once you have selected a tag, all Snippets with this tag will be conveniently displayed in the left Snippets tab. It is also possible to search and select more than one tag to be displayed.

Selecting a Snippet will directly insert and apply it to the current page.

Pro Tip: Inserted Layout Snippets are marked as such, so they will be removed if the Buyer selects another Layout Snippet. Inserted Layout Snippets therefore can set the default layout for the Buyer Side. The Form Layout Snippet Property can also be manually set in the Context menu of a frame, in the Layers tab.

Configure Buyer Side

Buyer Side selection and categorization can be done by selecting the Shopping Basket icon.

Note: Setting the available Group or Layout Snippets for Buyers is valid for exactly the page you are currently editing. The page number is also displayed on top of the Snippets tab (s.b.). This ensures that an Designer can always control what can be inserted on each page by a Buyer.

Initially one has to add a new category by clicking on the Add Category button Add Category.

One can add as many categories as needed. Each category has a headline for the Buyer Side, as well as tags for defining which Snippets will be shown in the category. Here is an example configuration with two categories:

Group Snippets Config

Categories may also be sorted by moving them with the little moving bar icon to the left. (The icon made of two rows of 5 vertical dots next to the category name text box.)

Shown below is how this configuration will show up on the Buyer Side to the right, below the Form Fields:

Group Snippets Config

One can easily switch between pages by scrolling through the document to see the available categories and Snippets associated with each page.

Layout Snippets work the same, except that they will appear in a minimizable tab to the left of the Editor.

Group Snippets Config