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With Printess one Template can contain several documents serving different purposes. If you want to create special output layouts, previews, or product thumbnails Printess helps make this fun and easy by allowing for separate documents.

Tip: Sub documents make it a breeze to replicate one central design across all documents in a Template. This lets you avoid maintaining graphics across several documents!

To do so, just right-click on a document name in the title bar to open the Document Context menu.

Frame Context

Here you can set the document type:

Is Merge Target

When a Template document is merged with another document the page content of the merged document will be incorporated into the target document. Pages that do not exist in the master document will not be added.

For more complex Templates, it may be beneficial to merge multiple documents in one merge. To enable this feature you must:

  1. Execute the merge without naming a document.
  2. The target (master) Template will need to have at least one additional merge target document with Is Merge Target switched on, as shown below (in addition to the primary document, which is always marked).

Buyer View Appearance

The order of merging is determined by the order of documents in both the source and target Template. If there are more merge target documents then source documents Printess will simply loop over the source documents and repeat merging for all defined merge targets.

When initially merging documents there is the option of merging designs as layout Snippets (so that they get removed later on if the Buyer switches the layout). This is controlled by the mergeMode property. Read more here.

In this same menu you can also rename, duplicate, or copy paste any document into another Template!

Icons beside the document name will also indicate these and other properties of the document.

Frame Context

From left to right: is editable, price group set, gets size from Form Field, is Template thumbnail, is merge target.