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Working with Text

When working with text Printess offers multiple types of text to choose from. Therfore if one creates a Frame or add a new Feature the choices are the following:

Text Type Selection

The Text on Path settings have a separate tab to add and configure:

Text On Path Settings

Supported Characters & Languages

Printess will only show characters which do exist in the currently selected fonts. If one enters characters which are not present in the selected font they will not show up during edit and also when output is rendered.

Printess support all characters sets available in TTF or OTF Fonts - this includes all support for all latin characters as well as european special characters and cyrillic. There is limited support for KANJI fonts (no hyphenation, no top down). Arabic, Hebrew and other right to left written languages are currently not supported.

Multi Line Text


Multi Line text spans several lines of formatted text. The text box can also grow when additional text is added, and self-adjust itself to occupy the available space. Furthermore, Multi Line text can flow across several frames, wrap around objects or flow into a given shape. You have many options to control the typography of paragraphs, single words and even single characters.

Click here to read more about Multi Line Text.

Single-Line Text


As the name suggests, Single Line text frames may only host a single line of text. Thus, there is a single customizable format for the entire line. This might sound restrictive but it is not! For cool text art, Single Line text is a must. It offers a wide range of effects and warps. Plus, one can overlay multiple text frames to synchronize their content and achieve amazing text effects.

Click here to read more about Single Line Text.

Barcode Text


Barcodes are a special kind of text. Printess is capable of creating most of the industry standard 1D and 2D Barcodes (QR-Code, Code128, Code39, DataMatrix, EAN13).

Click here to read more about Barcode Text

Symbol Text


Symbols offer an easy way to work with icon/symbol fonts. Symbol text behaves like you have placed an SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) inside of a frame. The symbol always fills your frame. Symbol colors can be changed by the end-user and offer a great way to create stunning Buyer Side layouts and Snippets.

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Text On Path


Text can also follow a user-designated path or shape outline.

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