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B2B Personalization: Are you missing out on revenue?

B2B Personalization: Are you missing out on revenue?

Tessa du Plooy

In the competitive landscape of web-to-print, businesses continually seek innovative strategies to capture and retain customer interest. Personalization, especially in the B2B sector, stands out as a powerful tool to enhance client engagement and boost revenue streams. So, if you aren’t focusing on B2B personalization, this article is for you. Grab a coffee and join us as we dive into the role of personalization across different product categories in the B2B space, and why the Printess web-to-print editor can be a game-changer for your business.

Broadening Your Reach with Personalized Products

This study highlights some mind-blowing stats around B2B conceptions and behaviours in personalization. What really stands out is that 65% of B2B buyers feel vendors aren’t demonstrating an adequate understanding of their needs. And 77% of B2B buyers will not make a purchase without personalized content. The scope for personalization in B2B products is huge and touches everything from industry staples to niche markets take a look at some examples:

Packaging: Beyond just protecting goods, custom packaging acts as a silent salesman. Tailored packaging that vibes with a client’s brand can make any product pop off the shelf, giving it a unique twist. Have an event coming up? Imagine your company branding on personalized sweets packaging as the perfect handout.

Drinkware: Customized mugs, bottles, and glasses are perfect for gifts or events. Personalize these with logos or catchy slogans, and they keep your brand right under your customer’s nose.

Textiles and Apparel: Not only is personalized clothing like t-shirts, jackets, and hats turning anyone into a walking billboard, but think of sports apparel. Printess offers the flexibility of uniquely personalizing individual elements of any apparel. Whether you are thinking of school sports or the big leagues, there is an untapped market of mass customization for apparel.

4. Exhibition Collateral: For events big and small, personalized lanyards and booth materials not only boost visibility but also ensure your client’s brand looks unified and professional. The skie’s the limit, with Printess you’re able to customize something as small as a pen or as large as a banner or custom wallpaper. By weaving personalization into these products, you meet client needs and forge a stronger emotional bond, making your brand unforgettable and enhancing perceived value.

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Why the Right Personalization Solution Matters

The times of pdf uploads or paying huge design fees for artwork are long gone. Your customers want to take full control of their brand’s personalized collateral. They will be expecting to have access to the best tech and personalization tools available to really make the most of personalization. Printess offers an intuitive and powerful personalization solution that delivers several key benefits:

Flexible Template Creation: With Printess, you can whip up a variety of product templates that are easy to tweak to client specs. This flexibility lets you roll out a broad spectrum of personalized products quickly and without fuss.

Enhanced User Journey and Product Previews: Navigating from picking a product to buying it should be seamless. Printess steps up the user experience with easy-to-use design tools and live photorealistic previews that show exactly what the finished product will look like, bridging the gap between expectation and reality.

Advanced Warps and Effects: Printess goes beyond simple text and image additions, bringing in special effects like metallic foils, engravings, and embroidery emulation options for previews. Creating previews that accurately depict these high-end touches, encourage clients to add them to their orders which can fetch higher prices, boosting your bottom line.

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B2B personalization is not just a passing trend; it’s a strategic necessity that significantly uplifts customer engagement and drives revenue. By offering personalized products like packaging, drinkware, and apparel to name a few, you cater to a growing demand for mass customized goods. More importantly, with a flexible and sophisticated solution like Printess, you’re well-equipped to deliver top-notch, tailored experiences that resonate deeply with B2B clients. We would like to invite you to come see Printess in action for yourself at Drupa 2024. Book your slot below and we’ll show you how Printess will help your revenues soar.

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