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A Revolutionary Design Experience

Promotional Gifting

Printess enables you to show your products with precise previews, accurately replicating engravings or embroidery with precise detail.

For promotional gifts, simply uploading PDFs isn’t enough anymore! Businesses want to fully manage their designs, making adjustments and instantly seeing live proofs of these changes. This capability is becoming a key factor in choosing suppliers. With personalized products, customers expect to get precisely what they see on screen, and any deviation can lead to dissatisfaction.

Photorealistic Previews

Our photo-realistic previews accurately reflect the intricate details of advanced finishing options like engraving or embroidery.

Vector Output

Output vector files directly to production for finishing like foiling, engraving, embossing or embroidery.

Save Time

Effortlessly update production information in a single location, applying the changes to all relevant templates instantly.

Why Printess?

  • No Limitations: Don't limit your product range because of feature limitations. If you can imagine it, Printess can make it happen.
  • Previews that Sell: Our photorealistic previews set a new standard in the personalization industry, showcasing products in real-life environments to enhance the shopping experience.
  • Utilize Effects & Warps: Access various effects and warps that until now have only been available in industry leading design solutions.
  • Automate Production: Send order files straight into your production workflow queues exactly in the output it's required.