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Unlimited Customization Options

Sell Highly Personalized Greeting Cards

The challenge of Greeting Cards: A huge choice of perfectly designed covers and an inside page with all typographic options for the buyer.

Whether it’s wedding invitations requiring personalized data and elegant features like foiling or embossing, or birthday and other greeting cards needing laser cutting or spot varnishing, Printess has the capabilities to meet these needs.

Try Our Live Personalized Greeting Card and Invitation Samples:

Design Variations

Independently edit card themes and inside designs creating thousands of design options with little effort.


Working with external agencies? Our collaborations make it simple to share design tasks among multiple teams.


Scalability whenever you need it! We’ve got your peak production workloads covered. No extra server costs or maintenance fees.

AI Tools

Give your users a little inspiration with the Printess AI text assistant, for the perfect message every time!

Our editor enables you to:

  • Enhance Products with Premium Finishes : Boost sales by adding luxury touches like foiling, embossing, spot varnishing, or cut paths with no post production hassle.
  • Use Data Driven Inputs: Forget manual data entry for invitations, table settings, or stationery. Our variable data feature is a game-changer.
  • Detailed customization Options: With Printess, users can tweak design elements, from sticker colors to contents, while maintaining the design's original look.
  • True WYSIWYG Text Experience: Guarantee your users that what they see is exactly what they'll get, with our 100% accurate WYSIWYG text.