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10 Reasons Why Printess is Adobe InDesign's Browser-Based Twin

10 Reasons Why Printess is Adobe InDesign's Browser-Based Twin

Tessa du Plooy

Have you ever worked with Adobe InDesign? Imagine that level of functionality right in your browser. That’s where Printess comes in—it’s like Adobe InDesign, but online. It’s intuitive and familiar, making it a breeze for design teams to get on board. Being able to switch from the backend to the buyer’s side in one click means your design team can always check the results of their design in seconds. Whilst they’re designing, they’re not just building a product, but they’re building a customizer! Let’s take a look at 10 reasons why Printess is Adobe InDesign’s browser-based twin.

Text & Typography Done Right

Achieving perfect typography in print from online designs is crucial for customer satisfaction. Printess excels here with its bespoke typography engine. What you design on screen translates perfectly to print, ensuring crystal clear text and layouts every time.

Photo Collage Mastery

Printess is not just another tool; it’s a forward-thinking solution for personalized products. Whether it’s uploading a simple photo or creating intricate photo collages where images fill the letters of a user’s name, Printess handles it all. The platform gives customers unparalleled control to zoom and pan images, ensuring the final product is exactly as envisioned.

The Convenience of the Splitter Tool

The Splitter Tool is an incredible feature for creating dynamic photo collages. It allows both designers and customers to modify layouts without compromising the beauty of the design. This tool is paired with functionalities like stickers and automatic image filling, offering hundreds of layout variations that are both fun and easy to use.

Vector Shapes and Pixel Effects

Printess supports vector shapes fully, allowing for detailed image masking, text wrapping, and more—all within the platform. This integration cuts down the need for external software, streamlining the design process. Plus, transferring vectors directly from Adobe Illustrator is as simple as copy and paste.

Advanced Customizations with Form Fields and Dynamic Styles

At its core, Printess is built with variable data capabilities, essential for e-commerce and print automation. The platform’s dynamic styles effortlessly manage complex customizations, such as updating color schemes or menu items, making intricate changes straightforward.

Personalized Products Made Easy with Styles

Selling customized products, like personalized storybooks, is efficient with Printess. Styles link form inputs or database details to any part of a design, similar to using CSS in web design. This feature simplifies complex customizations, making them accessible to everyone, even if you have no Java Script or development experience. Printess does however still have awesome scripting capabilities for those who are familiar with Java Script. Even for those with basic JavaScript knowledge.

Flexible Design Options: Form-Based and Graphical Editing

Printess offers dual editing modes: form-based for straightforward data entry and graphical for full creative freedom. This flexibility ensures that designers can either quickly input structured data or delve into more creative personalizations, such as crafting unique announcements or gifts.

Editable Stickers: Simplifying Design for Everyone

Printess’s editable stickers allow users to modify design elements effortlessly. Adjusting text, changing colors, and repositioning elements are all done with just a few clicks, combining ease of use with creative freedom.

Streamline Complex Projects with Sub-Documents

For more complex designs, like interactive children’s books, Printess’s sub-documents make the process manageable and user-friendly. Users can choose different options like hairstyles or accessories in an organized, straightforward manner, enhancing the interactive experience.

Effortless Color Selection with Color Schemes

Printess also simplifies color customization. Instead of scripting multiple versions, designers can create several color schemes. Customers then select their preferred scheme with a simple click, offering more choices with minimal effort.

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