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Save Time and Make Money with Flexible Layouts

Save Time and Make Money with Flexible Layouts

Tessa du Plooy

In the dynamic world of print personalization, where every moment and impression counts, standing out above your competition is essential. This is where flexible layouts are a game changer. Dive into the world of boundless creativity and efficiency with us, and let’s explore how this feature is not just a tool but a necessity for growth and innovation.

What Are Flexible Layouts?

Imagine a world where your design’s flexibility is as limitless as your creativity. Our flexible layouts do just that. It allows users to change their document’s size while maintaining the integrity of the original design. This means whether you’re creating a custom phone case, a promotional water bottle, or a branded poster, the essence of your design stays intact across all sizes and products. It’s like having a chameleon in your design toolkit.

Save Design Time With Flexible Layouts

With traditional solutions, creating personalized products means your designers have to create different templates for every size and type of product. Let’s say we’re talking about photo books in common sizes (from A5 to A3, both ways, and square sizes 20x20cm and 30x30cm), that’s already 8 different cover designs. And if we think each one has 24 pages, that’s a total of 192 different templates to create. Our clients often tell us they’re looking for a new personalization solution because the time it takes to create and launch products is just too much. Time is a precious resource and with Printess flexible layouts, this time-consuming process is a thing of the past.

This feature is especially useful for products that need mass customization from sports jerseys to marketing collateral like posters and menu boards. The flexibility and scalability offered by Printess mean that design teams can now operate with unprecedented flexibility and creativity.

multi product layouts

How to Make Money with Flexible Layouts

Flexible layouts do more than just save time and free up resources; they also create new ways to make money in the customized print industry. Personalization is now something customers expect and are willing to pay more for. Flexible layouts are a great way to suggest product upgrades during the checkout process. It’s easy to get customers interested in upgrading from a basic A5 personalized photo book to an A4 photo book if they don’t have to do a single bit of work to get it. Plus, they can see their design on various personalized products thanks to our mockup service.

This not only makes the shopping experience better, but also increases the average amount spent per order. Turn buying just one item into a full shopping experience that excites customers about upgrading their personalized products. We also know that customers are more likely to increase the value of their order during the checkout process if we used a targeted approach.

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Come Meet Us At Drupa

The flexibility and innovation offered by Printess through its flexible layouts is more than just a feature; it’s the key to unlocking new levels of efficiency, creativity, and revenue. Embrace the future of design with Printess, where every layout is a new opportunity, and every product is a canvas for imagination. Join us at Drupa and let us help you turn personalization into profit, one flexible layout at a time.

Try Our Live Flexible Layout Samples

Canvas Prints

Wall art is a perfect example of how flexible layouts can be implemented in live products.

Take a look at our canvas prints here


Everyone loves a personalized mug. With flexible layouts, you can have 1000s of design variants in no time.

Take a look at our photo mug examples here