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Why your customers love self-design greeting cards and invitations

Why your customers love self-design greeting cards and invitations

Tessa du Plooy

Back in the day, wedding invitations were designed by the print team and there was no such thing as a personalized greeting card. Those days are over and the reality is that many customers are choosing to design their own invitations and greeting cards. This trend is driven by several factors, including the desire for creative control, cost savings, and the user-friendly features of modern web-to-print editors like Printess. Let’s take a look at why you should let your customers design their own cards or invitations and what your personalization solution should be capable of.

Creative Control

Customers love having the freedom to create exactly what they envision. When you have a specific idea in mind, explaining it to a professional designer can be tough. Designing your own cards means you get to control every detail, ensuring the final product matches your vision perfectly. This level of customization allows for unique, personal touches that reflect your style and the theme of your event

Cost Savings

Paying for professional design fees can be expensive. By designing their own invitations and greeting cards, your users save on these fees. When you offer your customers an intuitive personalization solution, you still retain the business, but don’t have to have sacrifice your design team’s time. Plus, if your solution has the right features, the end-result of the design will look professional and well rounded.

Instant Gratification

When users design their own cards, they don’t have to wait for a designer to make changes or provide proofs. They can see and tweak their design in real time, so they get instant gratification.

Personal Connection

Designing your own greeting cards without limits adds a personal touch that can’t be matched. Whether it’s a wedding invitation or a birthday card, your personal input makes the final product more meaningful and special.

User-Friendly Features

A good personalization solution should be easy to use and handle complex tasks without hassle. One key feature is managing long text effortlessly, so you can include all the details you need. Many users aren’t familiar with print industry jargon like “spot varnish” or “foiling.” A great personalization solution will show these embellishments visually, with state-of-the-art previews so users know exactly what their card will look like without needing to understand technical terms

What kind of features?

AI Features: Our AI features are beyond compare, for those who have hit a creative blank, there is the AI text assistant. It will come up with the perfect message for your greeting card. Our faceswap feature is perfect for customers who are looking to add a bit of fun to their card or invitation think “happy birthday Mr President”. Text to image will generate the perfect image for any occassion with a simple prompt and we keep adding new AI tools to simplify the process and add value to our customers.

Editable Stickers: This feature allows you to improve your customer’s creativity. It lets users easily change colors or text to create their own unique design. With stickers, your users get to be designers without any effort. The best of both worlds for your design team and your customers.

Advanced Previews: Our photorealistic previews give your customers a high quality visual representation of their design that looks so real, they’ll want to reach out and touch it. Plus, Printess has the capability of displaying embellishments like foiling, spot varnishing, Scodix and more with precision and realistically.

Powerful Self-developed Text Engine: Printess can seamlessly handle multi-line text, inline text editing and text wrapping (among many other text effects and features) because we have developed a powerful text engine that does text and typography right.

Perhaps you have a personalization solution that gives your users an “okay user experience” but with Printess, you and your customers will have everything you need at your fingertips. Take your users from okay to extraordinary with the only web-to-print editor you will ever need to customize any type of product and especially personalized greeting cards and invitations.

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