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Personalized Books Perfected by Printess

Personalized Photo Books

The personalized photo book market is booming at $3.4 billion, yet many solutions out there fall short due to their constraints. In the world of Printess limits don’t exist. Our platform turns any user, no matter their skill level, into a pro designer.

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Personalized Story Books

With Printess, not only can you create photo books, but you can also make personalized storybooks where users can become part of the story. They can customize characters with our Avatars feature, choosing things like hair style, face looks, skin color, and more. Let users write their own stories easily. Printess makes even the most detailed books simple to set up, taking personalization further!

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Splitter Tool

Enables users to customize existing templates in seconds, scaling images and spacing while preserving design consistency!

Design Flexibility

Change the theme of a design in seconds by changing colours or sticker elements without the need for multiple variations.


Scale your business with a true cloud native solution that can handle increased production during peak season.


Printess enhanced text engine guarantees 100% accuracy between the editor and the final production output.


Enhance personalization through advanced customization by employing avatars to tailor characters uniquely.

Flexible Spine Sizes

Printess will automatically update the sizes of any book cover based off the number of pages.

Our editor enables you to:

  • Take Self-Publishing to the next level: Seamlessly export data to top reselling platforms using our data-driven publishing feature.
  • Utilize Avatars: Boost your products' appeal with avatars. Avatars offer creative options for users to include personalized representations of their loved ones in storybooks.
  • Increase Conversions: Enhance your user experience by creating personalized journeys that boost conversions and encourage users to upgrade their products.
  • Implement Flexible Spine Sizes: Say goodbye to the hassle of manual spine calculations for book publishing. Printess automatically determines spine sizes based on set criteria