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Avatars Will Add High Extra Value to Your Print Products

Avatars Will Add High Extra Value to Your Print Products

Johannes Goebel

Avatars are graphic representations of a person. By using them as a part of the design of your printed products you will give shoppers a highly attractive method to personalize a gift with images of their loved ones. This will help you to increase the value of a product, offer more products and improve conversion rates. Avatars can be used for a great variety of products, from mugs and t-shirts to children´s books and branded products, such as comic books or merchandise.

Are you looking for new high-margin print products for your shop? Here´s an idea. By introducing avatars you will add massive extra value to almost any personalized gift, and you can charge more for a simple product. In addition, you can easily increase product variety. Creating an avatar of themselves or their friends, is also big fun for the shoppers. By letting them build their own characters, you will increase customer involvement and seduce buyers to stay longer at your shop.

So, what is an avatar in the first place?

Simply put, an avatar is a graphic representation of a person that somewhat resembles their looks. In the personalized gifts market comic-style drawn characters have proven especially popular. These characters are made to match the look of a shopper, or their loved ones in an astonishingly realistic way.

Where can avatars be used?

Basically, avatars can be used as part of the design of any printed product. Especially for classic gifts such as mugs, t-shirts or phone cases, they provide a great way to offer users intriguing additional layout possibilities. But there´s more. Avatars can also play a vital role in highly personalized and unique products like personalized children´s books. In this case, an avatar is not just used once in a design, it actually can become an integral part of the storyline of an entire illustrated book. This way, shoppers can create outstanding gifts in which their own kids become the hero of a story.

Check out some great samples

See how Printess user PrintPlanet is selling their cute best-friends-mugs in this real-life-sample. Visit Store

Try out an avatar editor for personalized t-shirts with numerous customization options. Create Your Avatar

See how avatars can be used as part of the layout of a personalized children´s book. Customize Design

Customization of avatars

Use a multitude of elements for customization

Obviously, any avatar for a personalized product needs to be customized by the shoppers. And the more choices they have the better. With an advanced avatar editor, shoppers can choose way more than just gender or hair color of a character. Customers will be able to select different shapes for face, mouth, or nose, eye and skin colors, hairstyles, or even add glasses, beards, sideburns or freckles…

Some customization solutions, such as Printess, will provide you not only with a fully-functional avatar editor, they also include many predesigned layout elements, making it even easier for you to start. In addition, Printess gives you the ability to easily combine all avatar designs with any other customizable layout element. Plus, you can use all designs that are created for an avatar across all your products and layouts. This will also relieve your designers.

To deep-dive into the creation of avatars and how to use styles and form fields simply visit the Printess Knowledge Base.

Ready for branded comic-style products

Using avatars based on predesigned layouts that come with your software is one method. Of course, a solution should also allow for unlimited design of avatars according to your ideas, or the requirements of a business partner. This is especially interesting for branded products. By selling customizable products based on existing popular comic characters you can exploit exciting new business opportunities. Whether comic books or merchandise, with Printess you can always rest assured that both the customization view and the printed product will exactly match the brand guidelines for a character.

What´s in for you?

Avatars will provide with you an easy way to add great extra value to a gift and earn extra money with unique offerings your competition doesn´t have. At the same time, you will increase the number of finished purchases. After all, there´s a very high chance that customers ultimately buy after they spent 10 minutes or more creating a character for their best friend, spouse or kid.

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