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Lead-Print offers B2B customers a new configuration experience

Lead-Print offers B2B customers a new configuration experience

Johannes Goebel

Today, we´re proud to announce a new partnership. Lead-Print, a leading German vendor of web-to-print solutions, has integrated Printess into their PRINT LOUNGE closed-shop system. Users of Lead-Print will now be able to enjoy greatly expanded possibilities for the online editing of highly personalized print products for B2B markets.

As an established player in the field of B2C products, Printess now takes its unique capabilities to the B2B market. By using Printess, businesses will be ready to address even the most complex personalization issues and create hyper-individualized marketing materials with any desired combination of variable and static elements within a template.

Thanks to a unique set of innovations, users will save time and money. Designers can set up templates faster and handle a large number of templates with different structure with little effort. At the same time, they will automatically generate user interfaces for all devices, including for mobile editing. For end-users, Printess provides extremely fast and convenient configuration processes with real-time design views at every step of the way and eliminates the need to wait for previews.

In addition, Printess was made with the print process in mind. It comes with full data-print capabilities and supports color management and spot colors. Whatever the complexities, using Printess requires no coding at all. This will effectively free up businesses from the need to spend on programmers to implement even the most demanding configuration tasks.

A solution for complex logic with a focus on variable text

Advanced configuration with Printess means that layouts can adjust depending on product selection, or any other incoming data. Printess puts a special focus on text editing and the handling of multi-line text. Users will profit from unique possibilities for the use of variable text in layouts. Text frames can flow around other design elements, text can run from one box to another, and if entered text gets too long, its size will be automatically adapted. Even the combination of locked form-fields and free text editing in the frame is possible. Printess also supports micro-typography, tabulators and even the option for scripting.

Printess was designed to give businesses the ability to create, manage and configure personalized print materials with the highest possible speed and exceptional reliability. It helps to eliminate the potential for error, reduces design, administration and IT cost and opens up entirely new possibilities for highly targeted communication that significantly increases marketing ROI.

“We´re seeing the collaboration with Lead-Print as a long-term partnership that benefits both companies. With more than 20 years of experience in the web-to-print market, their team has exceptional insight into the needs of customers from a broad range of industries. At Printess we are grateful to learn from this expertise, while providing our own deep knowledge in the field of print e-commerce.” Christoph Clermont, co-founder at Printess

Printess is available as a module for all users of Lead-Print´s PRINT LOUNGE marketing portals with immediate effect.

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