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How To Boost Online Sales: Mastering Buyer Journeys & UIs

How To Boost Online Sales: Mastering Buyer Journeys & UIs

Tessa du Plooy

If you’re selling personalized products, like a unique canvas print or a cool photo book, you know that not all buyer journeys should look the same. Shopping online should be fun and personal experience, especially when you’re creating something unique and personal. That’s why Printess have created different buyer journeys to fit different types of products.

Form-Based Editing

Creating professional-looking corporate stationery is a breeze with form-based editing. Imagine having a template where the consistent details like your business address are already in place. Then, all you have to do is pop in the unique info for each card, like names and job titles. And if you’ve got loads to make? No worries at all!

Our solution is smart. It can grab data from a data source and add it into your designs automatically. This means you can whip up hundreds of personalized business cards or corporate stationery products. Quickly, with no mix-ups, just crisp and clean corporate stationery ready to impress.

Form-based editing is fantastic for products where your customers add their unique character traits, like personalized story books or t-shirts with their avatar. It’s super easy to pick options and type in details, making a beautiful product without any fuss.

Step-Based Editing

Ideal for information or design heavy items, like birth announcement cards. Defining input fields or values in a design is super useful for values that are used several times across a design. It’s a smooth experience, guiding customers through each customization option and zooming right in on the section the customer needs to edit. This buyer journey is also perfect for those smaller mobile screens.

Need to design something with a lot of variable elements like menu boards? Combine forms and steps to bring the best of both worlds! This buyer journey enables users to effortlessly piece together a stunning design.

Just like adding toppings to your favorite pizza, you can sprinkle in various elements to cook up a brand-new design variant with ease. No sweat, just creativity and a smooth design experience that’ll leave you smiling. It’s a breeze for both your customers and your design team.

Selection-Based Editing

For a quick and smart edit, we have Selection-Based Editing. Customers simply click on an element and tailor it to their taste. It’s a sure-fire way to ensure your customers can personalize their greeting cards or collages, and change the layout if they want, while keeping the design in tact.

Hybrid Buyer Journeys

Imagine having a toolbox where each tool is crafted for specific tasks but can also work together in harmony. That’s how Printess operates. You can combine Form-Based, Step-Based, Selection-Based, and Free Editing all within one template. This allows you to tailor the shopping experience perfectly to fit any product or customer’s need.

No barriers, no one-size-fits-all approach, just limitless possibilities to customize and enhance your buyer’s journey, ensuring an enjoyable and engaging experience every step of the way. Whether you’re aiming for efficiency or encouraging creativity, Printess is your canvas (pun intended!) for innovation in the world of personalization.

Free Editing

For the ultimate creative freedom. Customers have full control to design something entirely new from scratch, like a photobook. With all the design tools at their fingertips our splitter tool and color schemes are particularly useful for free editing.

Splitter Tool

Our splitter tool is the ultimate magic wand for both end users and designers when it comes to free-editing. The splitter tool allows users to split images horizontally and vertically.

Say goodbye to those sneaky, unwanted borders or images wandering into the bleed area. With the splitter tool, all those user errors are removed because bleed management is all handled automatically. It’s not just a game-changer; it’s a stress reliever, ensuring the end designs looks awesome every single time.

Color Schemes

Color schemes are a powerful option in Printess that brings a new level of customization to any design. By integrating color schemes, you give users the power to transform and adapt their creations to fit any mood or occasion with just a few clicks. No need to juggle multiple template variants; instead, a color scheme offers a spectrum of possibilities, making it incredibly easy to offer a variety of design options. It’s a straightforward way to elevate designs and offer a personalized experience that users will love.

User Interfaces For Every Device

On top of all our customizable customer journeys, no matter the device, the Printess editor will adapt to it. Our interfaces automatically adapt to any device, creating a seamless design experience from mobile to desktop. It’s all about making things smoother for your customers, and that means better sales for you.

Want to learn more or see Printess in action? Take a look at our samples to see the magic happen. If you’re ready to jump in, reach out to us at +49 337 66 469 886, drop us an email, or sign up for our free trial today. Plus, our sample templates are available as part of your license to kickstart your creativity or to give your designers a spark of inspiration. Discover a world of possibilities with Printess