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Preview Perfection: The Ultimate Guide to Selling Personalized Products

Preview Perfection: The Ultimate Guide to Selling Personalized Products

Tessa du Plooy

Let’s be honest: how often have you hit ‘add to cart’ simply because the preview made you excited to own the product? At Printess, we know that nailing that preview is crucial for sealing the deal on online purchases, especially when it comes to custom-made items. Our commitment to improving our product preview experience is driven by the unique appeal of personalized products and their emotive nature. With the Printess editor, your users will never be left wondering what their final product will look like. Let’s take a closer look at our various preview options.

Making It Real: Photorealistic Previews

Now, this is the star of the show. Our photorealistic previews let your users see their custom-made product like never before. The perfect hybrid between 2D and 3D previews, this preview type will make your customer want to reach into the screen and grab it. See t-shirts on an actual person, or your branded merchandise right there in the boardroom. Photorealistic previews take the guess work out of it. Our tech makes it look so real, your users won’t have a single doubt about what they’re purchasing. It’s all about helping them feel sure about what they’re buying.

See It In 3D: Ideal For Spherical Products

Picture a water bottle, ball, or mug adorned with your brand’s logo, perfectly placed, no warps or distortions – all in high definition. This is what 3D previews are ideal for, spherical products where users can rotate their product to see the final result is what they’re expecting. Cool, isn’t it? Here’s the kicker: you can upload your own 3D models, taking the reins of the preview experience. It’s complete creative control in the palm of your hand.

Try It on Everything: The Magic of Mockups

Our mockup service is your perfect partner for upselling. It’s simple: the faster you show customers how great their designs look on different personalized products, the more they’ll want to buy. You can easily add their design to lots of items, making them want to fill up their shopping cart with more. The amazing thing about our mockups, is it doesn’t need any additional work from your design team. Your order values are guaranteed to soar with this super useful selling tool.

Come Meet Us At DRUPA

At Printess, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the personalization industry. Our advanced preview technologies are designed to enrich the online shopping experience, ensuring that every customer can bring their vision to life with utmost precision and ease. As we gear up to showcase our solutions at Drupa, we invite you to explore the future of personalization and come meet our team in person.

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