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A Short Guide to Upselling of Personalized Print Products

A Short Guide to Upselling of Personalized Print Products

Johannes Goebel

Generate additional revenue by using proven and successful upselling methods that also support an attractive customer experience. Printess software includes a range of built-in possibilities. You can charge extra for any desired layout option, sell predesigned stickers, or offer customers the ability to switch to larger product versions during customization, while seamless integration with your shop system will ensure a smooth and transparent sales process.

How Printess Helps You to Expand Sales Opportunities

Let´s face it. Competition in the field of personalized gifts is fierce. And there´s constant pressure on prices and margins. On the other hand, it´s been proven time-and-again that customers are more than willing to spend astonishingly high amounts of money for products with refined personalization.

To make more out of your existing product portfolio and create more revenue, upselling is one way to go. In theory, this sounds pretty simple. But implementing the needed mechanisms and processes in your personalization software, and consequently also in your storefront, is an entirely different story.

What you need to achieve is pricing and billing for a host of small extras during customization in a non-intrusive way, that does not spoil the customer experience and makes sure customers will not feel fooled. On the contrary, you should aim at using additional sales options as a way to enhance your shop experience and seduce shoppers to explore more possibilities.

What Our Software Has in Store for You

First of all, let´s check the basic possibilities Printess will give you for upselling. It´s important to note that all of these are already built into the software, so there´s no need for additional development whatsoever.

- Charge extra for any desired layout possibility

- Sell predesigned stickers and other design elements

- Offer different product sizes during customization

- Use Upselling Images for additional product suggestions

Last but not least, Printess enables the seamless exchange of all pricing and billing information for additional design and product options between the editor and your storefront.

Charging for Single Layout Possibilities

With Printess you´ll be able to put a price tag on even the smallest design item. But, of course, you should choose wisely. What are options that are especially valuable to your customers? One of the most popular is to offer a larger printed area, or in the case of t-shirts and other garments, the option to add a different design on front and back, or other areas of the product. Even for the most basic products, a range of additional colors is a simple, yet attractive possibility.

When it comes to photo products, you may charge extra for especially intriguing effects and filters, even personalized images are possible. Text is another area that works well for upselling. While plain personalization with a name may be included in the basic price, adding longer body text with additional typesetting features and fonts may come as an extra. Any option you choose should offer a clear and visible benefit to the customer and increase customer involvement by dragging the shopper further into the experience.

Selling predesigned stickers

Sales of Predesigned Stickers and Design Elements

A sticker is a small predesigned layout block that consists of any combination of text and graphics. Ready-made stickers can be selected by the shopper during the customizing process, placed in their layouts and personalized with a name or other text. What´s more, they can be further edited by the customer to even better match their ideas. By providing a wide range of beautifully designed stickers you will help shoppers to easily achieve a great looking and highly individual design result without much work. Consequently, they are an ideal opportunity to generate additional sales beyond a plain basic layout.

There´s even an additional benefit. By using Printess, you will not only design, implement and sell stickers, they can also help you to reduce template design cost and speed up the introduction of new products. Once created, every sticker can be used across all of your products, multiplying customer choice and upselling opportunities.

Use of flexible layouts

Switching to Products With Larger Dimensions

One of the easiest ways to make shoppers spend more, is selling a bigger version of a product. In order to realize the full potential for upselling, there are two issues to watch out for. First of all, customers should have the ability to switch to a bigger product size during customization, directly in the editor and without the need to navigate back to somewhere else in the shop. Secondly, the layout a shopper has created should be maintained to avoid starting all over again with a differently sized version.

Printess caters to these needs thanks to its unique concept of flexible documents. This means, your designers will create just one layout that automatically adapts to products with different dimensions and ratios. Thanks to this method, you will not only make switching product variants extremely convenient for your customers, flexible documents will also relieve your designers from the need to create hundreds of slightly differently sized documents. Stimulating more sales and reducing internal effort will simply go hand in hand.

How it´s done Take a look behind the scenes and learn all about building and implementing stickers, the use of flexible documents and the integration of Printess in any shop system. It´s all in our knowledge base.

Appealing Product Proposals With Upselling Images

Upselling Images is a simple, yet very effective, sales feature within Printess that uses a proven marketing method. Photos that have been uploaded by customers to create their photo products can automatically be used for additional product suggestions. If, for example, a shopper has ordered a shirt with their photos, the exact same images will be displayed on a bag and any other product you want to advertise as part of your sales process.

Pricing and Billing in the Storefront

As you have seen, the Printess editor is well prepared for multiple upselling methods. Here´s the crucial part. To capitalize on them it is absolutely mandatory that all information about selected designs, product versions and prices is seamlessly shared between editor and storefront. This is where integration comes into play.

By using Printess´ APIs and ready-made plug-ins you will tightly embed the editor in your Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento store, or any other e-commerce system. The integration includes the support of product variants, the dynamic display of end prices within the editor and the ability to show prices for single layout options during customizing. As a result, pricing and billing will always be easily understandable for your customers, while there is no need for you to worry about complex integration tasks for all your upselling ideas.

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